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This is the current Crankshaft Inventory




Ariel JGM-2 Chrome Std
Buda JL-6 used
Clark BA-6 used
Clark BA-8 used
Clark CFB-2 new
Clark HBA8-T used
Clark HLA-5 used
Clark HMA-4 used
Clark HMA-6 used
Clark HMA-8 used
Clark HMA-10 used
Clark HMB-8 used
Clark HRA-3 used
Clark HRA-5 1 chrome 2 used
Clark HRA-6 used
Clark HRA-8 used
Clark HRA-8T used
Clark MA-4 used
Clark MA-8 used
Clark RA-3 used
Clark RA-4 used
Clark RA-5 used
Clark RA-6 used
Clark RA-8 used
Clark TRA-6 used
Cooper AM-4 used
Cooper AMA-4 used
Cooper AMA-6 used
Cooper GMV-4 used
Cooper GMV-6 used
Cooper GMV-8 used
Cooper GMV-10 used
Cooper GMVA-6 used
Cooper GMVA-8 good runner
Cooper GMVA-10 chrome standard
Cooper GMVA-10 used
Cooper GMVA-12 used
Cooper GMVC-10 used (core only)
Cooper GMX-4 used
Cooper GMX-6 used
Cooper GMX-8 used
Cooper GMXA-6 used
Cooper GMXD-8 good runner
Cooper GMXD-10 used
Cooper GMXE-8 used
Cooper GMXE-10 good runner
Cooper GMXF-6 used
Cooper JS-6 used
Cooper JS-8 used
CP 9" stroke used
CP TG 11" stroke used
CP FE-550A 4 throw Chrome to std.
CP FE-065 4 throw used - chrome
CP FE-065 2 throw chrome std
Cummins HRBB 6cyl used
Gemini G-26 used
Gemini RPD used- runner
Gemini RPD chrome std
International U64 used
IR HHE-2 light duty used
IR HHE-2 heavy duty used
IR JVG-4 used
IR JVG-8 used
IR KVG-26 used
IR KVG-48 used
IR KVG-62 used
IR KVG-83 used chrome
IR KVG-104 used
IR KVG-123 used
IR KVG-410 used
IR KVG-412 used
IR KVGR - B412 used
IR KVS-410 used
IR KVS-412 used
IR LVG-8 used
IR PKVG-12 used
IR PVG-6 used
IR PVG-8 1 runner 3 cores
IR RDS-2 chrome std
IR RDS-2 used
IR RDS-4 used
IR SVG-6 used
IR SVG-8 chrome std by Power
IR SVG-8 1 good runner 4 cores
IR SVG-10 1good runner 1 core
IR SVG-12 used
IR TVS-12 used
IR XVG-4 used
IR XVG-6 used
IR XVG-8 used
Joy WB-12 10,000 rod load used
Joy WB-9 9,000 # rod load used
Joy WB-11 used
Joy WB-12 13,000 rod load used
Joy WB-14 10,000 rod load used
Joy WB-14 13,000 rod load used
Joy WB-14 14,000 rod load used
Joy WB-14 15,000 rod load used
Joy WBF-52 used
Joy WBF-72 HLD 1 chrome std
Joy WBF-72HLD used
Joy WBF72XHD used
Joy WBF74XHD used
Roiline L-3000 used
Waukesha FC/FCU used
Waukesha 135GK used
Waukesha 140 used
Waukesha 145 used
Waukesha 190 used
Waukesha 1197 used
Waukesha 1905 used
Waukesha 3711 used
Waukesha 5100 used
Waukesha 5108 o/s used
Waukesha 5788 used
Waukesha 6LRORB used
Waukesha 7042 good runner
Waukesha LRO used
Waukesha LRZ used
Waukesha NKR used
Waukesha WAK used
Waukesha WAKD used
White Superior W-64 chrome std by Power
White Superior MW-64 1 chrome std
White Superior W-66 7 " journals good runner
White Superior MW-66 good runner
White Superior 6G510 used
White Superior Super 6G510 used
White Superior 6G825 used
White Superior 6G825 chrome std (2) used core (1)
White Superior PTDS-6 used
White Superior W-62 used
Worthington BG-6 chrome std
Worthington LTC-8 used
Worthington OF6M-4 chrome std
Worthington OF5-2 Cub used

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